What Our Clients Say

Craftmaster visits The Forgehammer Inn in the Forest of Dean to ask how DigiBrew has performed in a tourist location. Andy Jopson tells us quite candidly about his results and how he stumbled on producing and selling Vegan friendly ales.

Mark Wright from Edmund’s Brewhouse in Birmingham talks about his experience of using DigiBrew to build his professional microbrewery.

CAMRA Award For The Crown

Sam Ayles talks about his experience with DigiBrew to date. Also the CAMRA award he has received for one of his ales.

Support From Craftmaster

There has never been a better time to craft real ale on-premise. According to the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) 70% of Public Houses are now selling Cask Ale. Consumer tastes have shifted towards English Ale styles (less than 30% of Public Houses were serving Cask Ale in 1975).

You do not need to stop at Cask either. Many of our clients now bottle their beers and sell to local shops or to clients for the take home market. A simple Cask to Craft Keg conversion costing less than £25+VAT is also helping our clients produce their own Craft Keg Beers which they can sell at a premium even though the cost to produce is only slightly greater than Cask. Craft Keg Beer sells on an average at a retail price 38% higher than Cask.

Contact us today and we can guide you through the process of setting up your own in-house professional microbrewery. Come and visit one of our successful clients and talk to them directly about the transformations they have witnessed in their businesses. Remember, you don’t need any of the following to start brewing with Craftmaster®:

  • Loads of space
  • Brewing Knowledge
  • A Second Mortgage
  • Nine Days in a Week:)
  • Additional Staff

Contact us either via our contact page or the number below for more details and get ready to move your Pub Business in a new direction.

It’s amazing what you can do when you Digibrew®!