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Full Craftmaster FV's
DigiBrew Standard Fermentation Vessels
Cask Ales Produced from £0.48/pint- Craft Keg Beers Produced from £0.62/pint

Digibrew® is a new way of brewing beer on-premise and is becoming the ‘go to’ choice for professional Publicans who have made the decision to buy microbrewery equipment. Quite different visually to what you would normally expect to see when viewing a brewery. We don’t brew large volumes of beer, so we don’t need huge tanks like a conventional brewery.  Simple ‘off the shelf’ fermentation tanks are used to ferment our beer. This means our microbrewery is very easily expandable when you need to grow your production. You can add two extra casks of beer producing capability to your Digibrew® Microbrewery by purchasing just one fermentation tank (£83 + VAT) and two extra casks (£38.50 +VAT each).

We are not brewing experts! Fortunately, we just happen to know some very accomplished qualified professional Brewers! They were able to aid and help the design of our brewing system and brewing programs.

As we have never thought we ‘know it all’ when it comes to brewing beer, we asked questions of our Brewers which had never been contemplated before (that’s one of the reasons we ended up with a totally unique hexagonal kettle design). Conventional brewing vessels are cylindrical, we wondered why? The answer was mainly for ease of cleaning, fair enough, we thought, when you are filling with thousands of litres of beer, it is a big thing to clean! But when brewing in small quantities we believe hexagonal is far better! This has enabled us to develop an intelligent design which really does brew truly epic beer.

Craftmaster® DigiBrew® brews just one cask at a time so our brewery is better at extracting hop bitterness and flavour than a conventional microbrewery. A conventional microbrewery does give limited wort exposure to hops, particularly at the late flavour stage (think big tank full of wort, then hops thrown in at the top which do initially float on top of the wort).

It’s amazing what you can do when you Digibrew®!

Imagine instant feedback on every beer you produce, this is what you get when you brew and retail your own ale. With our chief brewers input and guidance we can help you use your customers feedback to tweak your own recipes and create beers which you know they will enjoy! Customers will become stakeholders in the beer you produce and feel part of the beer creation process. Imagine what that could do for sales!

The beer is the most important part of any brewery and we have proven that our brewery works, we are now in our fourth year of business.

Clients Who Decided To Buy Microbrewery Equipment From Craftmaster Are Now Enjoying:
  • Outselling their (pre-brewery) best selling cask ales  by as much as 4-1 with their own crafted ale
  • Winning CAMRA awards for the beers they produce
  • Producing their own Craft Keg IPA’s-cost them less than £0.65/pint-these beers retail at £4.65/pint minimum-you do the maths!
  • Selling their ales to other Pubs (JD Wetherspoon included)
  • Bottling ales for incremental sales to local convenience stores and specialist craft beer shops
  • Making over 85% GP on each pint they sell
  • Growing ales sales by as much as 60% year on year

    Large Tank System
    DigiBrew Large Vessel System
Built By Hand Here In Great Britain

Each one of our breweries is hand built by our own craftsmen here in the UK. We have designed our manufacturing process so that we can visually customise our Digibrew® Microbrewery to your specification. We offer a choice of colours, bespoke branding and even the option of polished Stainless Steel panel work for a more traditional look. No two installations are the same, we’re happy to discuss your individual requirements and to help create your own individual solution.

How much?

Well every installation is different, but if you can sell five casks of your own real ale per week we can show you how you can buy microbrewery equipment from Craftmaster and get a return on your investment in 18 months or less*.

Ingredients cost from as little as £19.95+VAT / 9 gallon cask plus duty (3.8% abv £14.07/ 9 gallon cask).

Contact us via our contact page for your own personal brewery quotation. We can supply you with in-depth figures and costs so that you have all of the information you need to make a sound business decision and buy microbrewery equipment which suits your needs.

*Dependent on beer retail price