The product

sounds great
doesn’t it?


DigiBrew® is a self contained computer controlled semi sealed automatic brewing system. Its unique features specifically designed for the Brewpub market are:

  • Bespoke Hexagonal single firkin size brewing kettle – unparalleled performance for extracting all of the wonderful malt flavours we love in our ale, whilst also performing a super efficient rolling boil
  • Bespoke hexagonal dual heating elements – eight sided rolling boil technology
  • Tablet based control system with Smartphone viewer compatibility – simple user interface which notifies the user of each brewing stage and process
  • Sealed measured ingredients from our supplier – just malt, hops and yeast. Our system does not use expensive tins of hopped malt extract (homebrew ingredients). Our DigiBrew® users have full control over body, bitterness, flavour and aroma of their beers. You can find our ingredients in every microbrewery from Penzance to Perth.
  • Sophisticated Microbrewery wort cooling system- takes your brew from boil to fermentation temperature automatically whilst extracting maximum hop aroma for your beer.
  • Industry standard wort brewing pump – no moving parts or shafts to harbor unwanted proteins or infections
  • Automatic sump-­ catches all sediment (trub) from the boil and pumps it down the drain. This system virtually eliminates blocked heat exchangers from protein build up or hop fragments.
  • Computer controlled condensing box duct – removes all volatiles (dimethyl sulphide and diacetyl) from your brew during the boil this too has the added effect of limiting steam emissions and reduces fobbing.
  • No waste – The only waste is water, cooked hops (easily compostable) and recyclable cardboard/ plastic- no tins or elasticated bags like other systems.
  • Full on site training – (included). We instruct and advise you every step of the way until you have beers on your bar which your customers will love.
  • Brewing Support -­ Our seasoned brewing experts are on hand to advise you with any brewing questions for a full six months after installation.
  • Tailored Financial Packages -­ We have a financial solution to fit your needs from £77.92 + VAT/week*

*terms and conditions apply, subject to status