Our Solution- Tried and Tested by Publicans!

Most licensees who have explored the possibility of brewing on-­premise will have probably rejected the idea because of one of the problems encountered on our home page. Let’s take a look at each one individually.

  1. I don’t have any knowledge of brewing:
    “Nobody in my business knows anything about brewing beer” That’s fine you don’t need to! The DigiBrew® MICROBREWERY will guide you every step of the way. Our control software and unique hexagonal brewing kettle ensures a full rolling boil without any cool pockets or scorching of wort. There is minimal human intervention once a brew is started. A small amount of onsite training will take you from novice to brewer in no time at all. Our pre-­weighed and measured ingredients and on screen instructions will help you deliver repeatable quality craft ales each time you brew.
  2. The capital equipment outlay is too much:
    “I cannot afford the investment required to purchase the equipment and employ a brewer!” We understand this completely! With conventional brewery manufacturers quoting in excess of £50,000 for a 5 Brewers Barrel system (we know; one of our customers was just about to order one!). This of course does not come with a brewer to operate it either. The DigiBrew® MICROBREWERY is designed to brew just one firkin (cask-72 pints) at a time which gives you great control of stock and a production capacity to suit your outlets needs. One cask (firkin) takes approximately 1hr 50 minutes to produce-­ semi automatically, of course! Human intervention is only required to start a brew and for the last fifteen minutes of the brewing process. The size and amount of equipment needed ensures that the DigiBrew® MICROBREWERY system is a viable investment for even the smallest pub or bar with a quick return of investment possible even with modest brewing volumes.
  3. There isn’t enough room in the premises:
    “We don’t have the space!” Our DigiBrew® MICROBREWERY system has been designed to be as small as possible and will fit in most kitchens, storerooms or cellars. Anywhere there is electricity (single phase-ie. normal domestic power), water and drainage can be turned into your own in-house brewery. To brew ten casks per week would need approximately 6m² of fermenting space which would need to be temperature controlled at 21°C. Beer would then be stored conventionally in your cellar once it had completed its fermentation process of five to seven days.
  4. It will take up too much of my valuable time:
    “We don’t have the time!” In the same way you manage your time between daily operations like cellar management, staff issues, stock control, etc. The DigiBrew® MICROBREWERY can brew great beer whilst you concentrate on running your business. The DigiBrew® MICROBREWERY just needs your help to add the ingredients and will then brew and watch over your brew while you carry on with duties elsewhere. An audible alarm will sound when any human assistance is required. Brewing status updates can be fed to your Smartphone enabling you to monitor the brew progress remotely via your pubs Wi-Fi network.
  5. I want to be sure the quality is good enough:
    “My beer is my reputation” Quality fresh brewing ingredients are supplied by Craftmaster® Microbrew which are pre-­prepared and ready to use. All our recipes have been developed by seasoned brewing professionals with years of brewing experience. Everything you need to brew fine quality craft ales on your premises will be supplied and have been specifically chosen by our experts to maximise the brewing capabilities of our DigiBrew® MICROBREWERY system. Should you want to source your own ingredients that’s fine too, the DigiBrew® MICROBREWERY will brew with any suitable ingredients you choose.